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Your hosts, Tom* & Linda Pouncey, have shared their mutual love of horses for many years. They first met while riding on Michigan’s Shore-to-Shore Trail. 

Tom is a past board member of the Michigan Trail Riders Association, and Tom and Linda PounceyLinda is well known for her custom riding chap business, Manitou Leather.  Both of them have owned and ridden horses since childhood and have experiences in breeding, raising and training horses.

The Pouncey Ponderosa is a dream both of them worked hard to build.  They wanted a place where all their riding friends could come and enjoy riding with them, share stories around a campfire and keep their horses in safe corrals.   As more friends came and spread the word about the Pouncey Ponderosa’s outstanding riding trails and the beauty of the area, Tom & Linda started meeting new riders and it soon became a vacation destination for horse people.  They are also happy to provide board for your horses if you are traveling through or vacationing in the region!

Tom Pouncey... His Spirit Remain on the Shore to Shore Trail...

* Footnote: Sadly, Tom passed away in 2012, but his spirit remains at The Pouncey Ponderosa and the Shore to Shore Trail thanks to the Tom Pouncey Memorial Ride in June of 2012. Linda continues to run the ranch as they both once did together, and welcomes old and new campers alike with improvements and surprises every year!

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Home     Welcome     Services     Location/Links     Area Activities        About Us     Photos
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