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John Wayne Photo Collection
         Gladys and John Wayne
       Gladys and the Duke
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John Wayne Photo Collection
Heather and John Wayne     
Heather and the Duke    
Have you and your posse had a photo taken at the Pouncey Ponderosa with The Duke? Send it on in & we'll add it to our collection!

2008 collection    
the cowboys with John Wayne
The Cowboys
the cowgirls with John Wayne
the Cowgirls
             Holly with John Wayne         Joe with John Wayne
                 Holly and John                         John and Joe
Jenna and Jesse with John Wayne
Jenna & Jesse with John

2009 collection    
Terry and Nick with John Wayne
Terry & Nick
Clay and Annie with John Wayne
Clay & Annie
Tom and LuAnn with John Wayne
Tom & LuAnn
Mindy, Pat, Jack, Tom and Debbie with John Wayne
Mindy, Pat, Jack,Tom & Debbie
Traci and John with John Wayne
Traci & John
Kellin and Ray with John Wayne
Kellin & Ray
Casey and Alyssa with John Wayne
Casey & Alyssa
Chris and Heather with John Wayne
Chris & Heather
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